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Candy Hearts Screensavers

Bittersweet Candy Hearts Screensaver
This transparent screensaver gives you a unique message. Candy hearts rain on your desktop with messages like Die and Other Fish in Sea. Thats why its bittersweet.

Candy Hearts Screensaver
Floating candy hearts on a transparent background. The Sam Cooke classic, Wonderful World, is the optional music. Desktop theme available.
(782 Kb)

Candy Hearts Screensaver
A cute screensaver with the traditional Valentine candy hearts floating around the screen. Moving water reflects the candy heart and teddy bear background. The optional music is a piano version of Be My Valentine. Shareware

Candy Hearts Screensaver
Animated screen saver features pastel candy hearts on YOUR desktop (no background). Registered version includes additional animation. Matching desktop theme and accessories available at Themestress Desktop Enhancements.
(412 Kb)

Candy Hearts Screensaver
A very sweet screensaver with floating hearts in candycolors with sweet text LOVE, UR CUTE, KISS ME and ONLY YOU on. Semitransparent background that darkens your desktop. Music can be muted. A perfect screensaver for Valetines Day!

Candy Hearts Screensaver
This transparent screensaver gives you messages from your childhood. Candy hearts float across your desktop with your favorite messages.

Candy Hearts Screensaver
Animated transparent screensaver with Candy hearts floating across your desktop. Matching wallpaper available.Lak

Candy Hearts Wallpapers

Candy Hearts Wallpaper
Lovely colors and candy hearts for Valentines Day. Two sizes 1024x768 and 800x600 included. Matching transparent screensaver available.Lak

Candy Hearts Desktop Themes

Candy Hearts Desktop Theme
A Valentines Day theme that I made including a screensaver. Theme includes 1024x768 and 800x600 sizes.
(1.58 Kb)

Candy Hearts Desktop Theme
A light-hearted Valentine theme, a bit of fun for your desktop by Visual Paradox. This update features new cursors, icons, and Winamp skin. Logos included. Easy install. New screen saver available.
(1332 Kb)

Candy Hearts Desktop Theme
A cute little bunny on top of a pile of candy hearts. Includes 2 sizes, 1024 and 800. Matching screensaver available.

Candy Hearts Winamp Skins

Candy Hearts Winamp Skin
Candy Hearts Winamp Skin.. check out my site for other desktop enhancements..

Candy Hearts Hotbars

Candy Hearts Hotbar
Remember those little heart candies your classmates passed out on Valentines Day? Now they can be on your browser.

Candy Hearts ICQ Skins

Candy Hearts ICQ Skin
Colorful hearts on a bright yellow background.
(143 Kb)

Candy Hearts ICQ Skin
For the romantic in all of us. Perfect for Valentines Day.
(286 Kb)

Candy Hearts Yahoo Messenger Skins

Wicked Candy Hearts Yahoo Messenger Skin
Wicked candy hearts. Look for the I.E.Toolbar Wallpaper with the same name.

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